Sketch of the Shed-o-matic

Shed-o-matic meets the deep and profound need to have flashing lights and things which go “click” in your garden shed.

More specifically, it is a specialised home shed automation system, optimised for 12 volt power supplies and designed for easy integration into existing systems. Unlike other power control solutions, it is designed to be used both as a stand-alone control unit and as an element in an automation system. Capable of operating with no mains power supply or hard-wired data connection, Shed-o-matic is ideal for remote outbuildings and renewable energy sources.

Capable of driving both relays and moderate-current loads such as LED lighting, Shed-o-matic can be controlled by its own front-panel buttons, sensor inputs, IP-based automation protocols such as xPL or even its own iPhone app. As the control software is open-source, easy customisation of features and behaviour can be achieved. If that all sounds a bit too abstract for you, take a look at the demo.

Developed to meet a specific need which was not catered for by existing home shed automation products, Shed-o-matic is being offered for sale as an exercise in bespoke micro-manufacturing. This gives great flexibility in terms of output configuration, labelling and appearance, at the expense of increased lead-time; for more details please see here.

Why Would I Want One Of Those?

Shed-o-matic enables remote control and automation of both 12v and mains electrical systems. It lets you activate lighting, irrigation, heating, audio and water features from your phone or Web browser. This discreet yet powerful interface allows you to control and adjust all your garden and shed systems with minimal effort, resulting in increased benefit from investments in outdoor lights, heaters, fountains and such like. Integration with your home's automation system extends the same convenience and style expected inside the house to the outdoors.

Plus, you get flashing lights and intriguing red buttons* in your shed. For an independent assessment of quite how cool this is, please consult your nearest 9-year-old.

* Optional. Mysterious green buttons also available.